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Configurable parameters

Below is the full list of configurable parameters for Business Score widget.js front end library.

Updating parameters denoted with an * require approval from the Business Score partner team.

Parameter nameDescriptiontypedefault
publicKeyPublic key required to instantiate the widget provided by Business Scorestring-
elementIdhtml element id where the widget will be displayedstring-
popupPass this flag as true, if you want embed to be displayed as a popupbooleanfalse
widthExpress the width of the widget in px or set it to full page width with 100vwstringauto
heightExpress the height of the widget in pixels e.g 700 pxstringauto
letterLogoUrl*Provide a url for the logo displayed in the widget bannerurlBusiness Score logo
logoUrl*Provide a url for the logo displayed in the widget welcomeurlBusiness Score icon
fontName*Available font names - 'Rubik', 'Itim', 'Raleway', 'Lato', 'Nunito', 'Antonio', 'Inter'stringInter
partnerName*Providing a partnerName updates the main welcome widget message to say "partnerName partners with Business Score..."string
captchaEnabled*Toggle captcha on the get started buttonbooleantrue
accessToken*Allows you to pre-authenticate an applicant to the widget. To retrieve an access token, you will need this hit the pre-authenticate an applicant to the front-end widgetstring
kycEnabled*This enables/disables the KYC module of the widget.booleantrue
exitEnabledDisable exitbooleantrue