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Application lifecycle

Application lifecycle

Valid application statuses

  • PENDING - application has been creating and it's waiting for completing
  • RECEIVED_OFFERS - application has received at least one offer.
  • REJECTED - application did not pass our prequalification process.
  • OFFER_ACCEPTED - applicant has accepted an offer from a lender. We've transferred all necessary details to the lender.
  • FUNDS_DISBURSED - applicant signed the contract and funds has been disbursed.
  • CLOSED - application is closed. A new application can be created from this point.

Application creation via Partner API handled by the partner

Application lifecycle

Only two steps are required to start the application via Partner API:

  • Create an application request
  • Pre-authenticate an applicant request

You can pass the process of filling the application to the applicant or you can use the Partner API to finish the process by using:

  • Upload company documents request
  • Prequalify company request
  • Request offers from lenders request

Each request above is optional so for example you can just upload necessary documents and ask the applicant to provide the remaining details.