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Key Concepts


A Company is uniquely identifiable registered business, this information is sourced from the company registration database. This is represented by all the data about the company.


An applicant is a user on a partner platform who can apply for capital via the Business Score partner API or the front-end funding widget. Applicants are tied to the platform which they are on-boarded by onto Business Score.

The partner platform can only access capital applications that were initiated on it. There is no cross pollination of applier data across partner portals.


Applications are created by the applicant. An application embodies all the data required for a lender to make a lending decision.


When an application is forwarded to a lender a pending offer is created until a response is received from the Lender which is now feed into the already create pending offer to create a live offer.


  • One company can have one applicant
  • One company can have multiple applications, with only one active at any point in time
  • One application can have many offers